Player Profile: XU Lili

Category: -63

Country: China

Ranking Points: 1729

Fights (Won/Lost): 42/11 (0.792) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
XU Lili
867EMANE Gevrise10100XU Lili1520 (+20)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
875XU Lili22010BARBOSA Danielli1530 (+10)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
880XU Lili20100LABAZINA Marta1520 (-10)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
1213GERBI Yarden01010XU Lili1539 (+19)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1219XU Lili100YLINEN Johanna1548 (+9)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1224XU Lili10200SILVA Mariana1558 (+10)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1228KOVAL Vera10110XU Lili1576 (+18)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1231MALZAHN Claudia01000XU Lili1598 (+22)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
5918XU Lili10110AGBEGNENOU Clarisse1587 (-11)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2010
6181XU Lili100PINOT Margaux1595 (+8)World Cup Suwon 2010
6187LABAZINA Marta01000XU Lili1611 (+16)World Cup Suwon 2010
6192KONG Ja-Young01010XU Lili1628 (+17)World Cup Suwon 2010
6196XU Lili101010JOUNG Da-Woon1637 (+9)World Cup Suwon 2010
6776XU Lili101000KOZAWA Rina1624 (-13)Grand Prix Qingdao 2010
7799SCHLESINGER Alice010XU Lili1639 (+15)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2011
7808XU Lili100KOVAL Vera1646 (+7)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2011
7812WILLEBOORDSE Elisabeth010XU Lili1662 (+16)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2011
7814AGBEGNENOU Clarisse0100XU Lili1684 (+22)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2011
7815EMANE Gevrise1000XU Lili1663 (-21)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2011
8363XU Lili100OZDOBA Agata1669 (+6)EJU World Cup Oberwart 2011
8375XU Lili10000MISKOVIC Marijana1674 (+5)EJU World Cup Oberwart 2011
8381XU Lili100TANIMOTO Ikumi1681 (+7)EJU World Cup Oberwart 2011
8386XU Lili200KOVAL Vera1688 (+7)EJU World Cup Oberwart 2011
8389ABE Kana010XU Lili1700 (+12)EJU World Cup Oberwart 2011
10083XU Lili10000BUI Thi Hoa1705 (+5)JUA Continental 2011
10088XU Lili10100CHAUDHARY Garima1709 (+4)JUA Continental 2011
10093XU Lili10100TSEDEVSUREN Munkhzaya1715 (+6)JUA Continental 2011
10096JOUNG Da-Woon10120XU Lili1729 (+14)JUA Continental 2011
11612XU Lili11000KARADAG Selda1732 (+3)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11625XU Lili11000HAYYTBAEVA Gulnar1736 (+4)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11632XU Lili10100AGBEGNENOU Clarisse1745 (+9)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11635TSEDEVSUREN Munkhzaya10010XU Lili1716 (-29)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
12052XU Lili100BACZKO Bernadett1719 (+3)World Cup Madrid 2011
12059XU Lili10000PUCHE PALAO Isabel1724 (+5)World Cup Madrid 2011
12065XU Lili12010PITMAN Faith1728 (+4)World Cup Madrid 2011
12070XU Lili10000STAM Esther1735 (+7)World Cup Madrid 2011
12073MALZAHN Claudia10000XU Lili1708 (-27)World Cup Madrid 2011
14712XU Lili10000AGUIRRE Yahaira1713 (+5)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14733XU Lili01020ESPINOSA Mariset1699 (-14)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
16588XU Lili10300TANIMOTO Ikumi1706 (+7)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
16594XU Lili1101010MISKOVIC Marijana1694 (-12)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
17177XU Lili1010100MISKOVIC Marijana1703 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
17182AGBEGNENOU Clarisse01000XU Lili1723 (+20)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
17185XU Lili101000VAN EMDEN Anicka1711 (-12)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
18237XU Lili10100KAZENYUK Tatiana1715 (+4)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18249XU Lili10100ZOUAK Rizlen1718 (+3)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18255JOUNG Da-Woon01000XU Lili1732 (+14)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18258VAN EMDEN Anicka01000XU Lili1749 (+17)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18260XU Lili1000TSEDEVSUREN Munkhzaya1758 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18469XU Lili10200GERBI Yarden1764 (+6)IJF Masters Almaty 2012
18472UENO Yoshie100XU Lili1741 (-23)IJF Masters Almaty 2012
20659XU Lili10100ZOUAK Rizlen1745 (+4)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20669XU Lili01000SILVA Mariana1729 (-16)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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