Player Profile: SOROCA Igor

Category: -66

Country: Moldova

Ranking Points: 1449

Fights (Won/Lost): 9/15 (0.375) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
7934SOROCA Igor100200IAKOBASHVILI Sandro1490 (-10)EJU World Cup Budapest 2011
10499GORJANACZ Zsolt10010SOROCA Igor1470 (-20)European Championships Seniors 2011
11776BONHOMME Gilles2000SOROCA Igor1449 (-21)World Cup Bucharest 2011
14072SOROCA Igor10000HONG Kuk Hyon1461 (+12)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14097SOROCA Igor10000AL-KABZARI Waleed1472 (+11)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14119MORISHITA Junpei01010SOROCA Igor1504 (+32)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14131SOROCA Igor01010OATES Colin1497 (-7)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
15408NORKOBILOV Ulugbek30100SOROCA Igor1520 (+23)World Cup Almaty 2011
15414SOROCA Igor01000SHAMILOV Yakub1510 (-10)World Cup Almaty 2011
15417SOROCA Igor01100REVITE Luiz1503 (-7)World Cup Almaty 2011
16169SOROCA Igor11100TUKO Dmitry1513 (+10)World Cup Baku 2011
16175LASKUTA Anatolii01000SOROCA Igor1532 (+19)World Cup Baku 2011
16180KARIMOV Tarlan10000SOROCA Igor1514 (-18)World Cup Baku 2011
16183KHATIBI SHAHKHALI Hamid Reza010SOROCA Igor1534 (+20)World Cup Baku 2011
16323URIARTE Sugoi10000SOROCA Igor1519 (-15)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
16882SOROCA Igor12MAILASHEV Nauryzbek1510 (-9)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
18777LIU Renwang101100SOROCA Igor1527 (+17)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
18785DE JONG Jasper1100SOROCA Igor1507 (-20)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
19029POLLACK Golan10000SOROCA Igor1492 (-15)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2012
19600SOROCA Igor101000KEEBLE Lewis1483 (-9)EJU World Cup Men Oberwart 2012
20274VERDUGO Israel01010SOROCA Igor1498 (+15)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20288SHAVDATUASHVILI Lasha100SOROCA Igor1483 (-15)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20817VALDERRAMA Ricardo10010SOROCA Igor1465 (-18)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
22173KARIMOV Tarlan10000SOROCA Igor1449 (-16)European Championships 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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