Player Profile: SANCHEZ Yulieth

Category: -52

Country: Colombia

Ranking Points: 1426

Fights (Won/Lost): 8/16 (0.333) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
808SANCHEZ Yulieth0110FORCINITI Rosalba1490 (-10)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
1151SAMAT Aynur100010SANCHEZ Yulieth1471 (-19)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
2282SANCHEZ Yulieth10100ESCALONA Dayana1482 (+11)PJC World Cup Venezuela 2010
2286SANCHEZ Yulieth101000DELGADO Angelica1473 (-9)PJC World Cup Venezuela 2010
2289SANCHEZ Yulieth10000MACHADO Wisneibi1483 (+10)PJC World Cup Venezuela 2010
2293SANCHEZ Yulieth100RODRIGUEZ Jeanette1494 (+11)PJC World Cup Venezuela 2010
4139ZHANG Lichuan10000SANCHEZ Yulieth1476 (-18)World Championships 2010
12704BERMOY ACOSTA Yanet10000SANCHEZ Yulieth1464 (-12)Grand Slam Rio 2011
13004SANCHEZ Yulieth01000CATUNA Andreea1454 (-10)World Cup Sao Paulo 2011
13326SANCHEZ Yulieth10010LEVY Shahar1463 (+9)World Cup Miami 2011
13333KUZYUTINA Natalia11000SANCHEZ Yulieth1453 (-10)World Cup Miami 2011
13337SANCHEZ Yulieth100010HE Cancan1464 (+11)World Cup Miami 2011
13341SANCHEZ Yulieth01010DELGADO Angelica1455 (-9)World Cup Miami 2011
13615SANCHEZ Yulieth020VALEMTIM Eleudis1447 (-8)World Cup Purto la Cruz 2011
13883NAREKS Petra1000SANCHEZ Yulieth1428 (-19)World Cup San Salvador 2011
14596GOMEZ Laura10000SANCHEZ Yulieth1417 (-11)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
19347BRAVIK Kitty10100SANCHEZ Yulieth1397 (-20)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2012
19986KAGAYA Chiho10000SANCHEZ Yulieth1385 (-12)EJU World Cup Women Budapest 2012
20588KIM Kyung-Ok10100SANCHEZ Yulieth1373 (-12)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
21232BERMOY ACOSTA Yanet100SANCHEZ Yulieth1368 (-5)EJU World Cup Women Warsaw 2012
22045GONZALEZ Oritia010SANCHEZ Yulieth1386 (+18)PJC Continental Championships 2012
22049DELGADO Angelica100110SANCHEZ Yulieth1409 (+23)PJC Continental Championships 2012
22053DESRAVINE Linouse01100SANCHEZ Yulieth1434 (+25)PJC Continental Championships 2012
22058MIRANDA Erika210100SANCHEZ Yulieth1426 (-8)PJC Continental Championships 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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