Player Profile: KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad

Category: 100

Country: Georgia

Ranking Points: 1569

Fights (Won/Lost): 30/18 (0.625) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
1755KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1001000SHERRINGTON Chris1490 (-10)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
6909SUZUKI Keiji21KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1473 (-17)IJF World Masters 2011
7378KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10100SHYNKEYEV Yerzhan1482 (+9)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
7383KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10200KAMBIEV Aslan1492 (+10)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
7387VOLKOV Andrey10100KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1474 (-18)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
7388VAKHAVIAK Aliaksandr10110KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1497 (+23)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
8725KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad11000TAHIROV Emil1506 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
8739PASKEVICIUS Marius1000110KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1486 (-20)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
10709KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad200100VERBIJ Luuk1495 (+9)European Championships Seniors 2011
10719BATAILLE Matthieu0200KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1517 (+22)European Championships Seniors 2011
10724BONDARENKO Stanislav0200KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1540 (+23)European Championships Seniors 2011
10729KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad020BOR Barna1532 (-8)European Championships Seniors 2011
10730WOJNAROWICZ Janusz10000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1512 (-20)European Championships Seniors 2011
11494KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad2000KRAKOVETSKII Iurii1519 (+7)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11505TOELZER Andreas10010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1507 (-12)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11947KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad2000RADULOVIC Marko1518 (+11)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11953KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10000NATEA Daniel1528 (+10)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11958KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad200NAZHMUDINOV Magomed1539 (+11)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11961BOR Barna100KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1523 (-16)World Cup Bucharest 2011
14477KIM Soo-Whan01000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1547 (+24)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14494EITEL Grzegorz10000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1530 (-17)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
16496KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad100010THOREL Matthieu1539 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
16504PASKEVICIUS Marius10110KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1558 (+19)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
16508TANGRIEV Abdullo010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1579 (+21)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
16510KIM Sung-Min10000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1564 (-15)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
17068KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad01000VOLKOV Andrey1555 (-9)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
18950KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10000RASULOV Abidulla1564 (+9)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
18958KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad3010ISTYBAYEV Beibit1570 (+6)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
18964KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad100PARRA Angel1577 (+7)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
18969KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10000BONVOISIN Jean-Sebastien1588 (+11)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
18972OKROASHVILI Adam101010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1565 (-23)EJU World Cup Men Tblisi 2012
19287KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10000PARRA Angel1573 (+8)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2012
19299TANGRIEV Abdullo10000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1552 (-21)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2012
19923KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10000ZEGARRA PRESSER Carlos1558 (+6)EJU World Cup Men Oberwart 2012
19932KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10010KHADBAATAR Munkhbaatar1565 (+7)EJU World Cup Men Oberwart 2012
19936BRYSON Oscar10000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1542 (-23)EJU World Cup Men Oberwart 2012
19938PADAR Martin01100KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1559 (+17)EJU World Cup Men Oberwart 2012
19942KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10100TAKAHASHI Kazuhiko1570 (+11)EJU World Cup Men Oberwart 2012
20526KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad101010VUIJSTERS Grim1577 (+7)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20537HERNANDES Daniel101010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1596 (+19)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20543CHO Guham10000KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1576 (-20)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
21148KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad10000ZEGARRA PRESSER Carlos1581 (+5)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
21161KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad11000SHERRINGTON Chris1589 (+8)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
21167CHO Guham10010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1570 (-19)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
21170MOHAMED Amine01010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1587 (+17)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
21174KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad010OKROASHVILI Adam1578 (-9)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
22338ALLERSTORFER Daniel01010KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1594 (+16)European Championships 2012
22345CERAJ Matjaz1000100KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1569 (-25)European Championships 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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