Player Profile: ILIADIS Ilias

Category: -90

Country: Greece

Ranking Points: 1775

Fights (Won/Lost): 43/10 (0.811) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
146ILIADIS Ilias10000JALILVAND Masoud1510 (+10)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
158LIPARTELIANI Varlam1100100ILIADIS Ilias1490 (-20)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
723ILIADIS Ilias11100MADARASZ Tamas1501 (+11)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
730DENISOV Kirill100ILIADIS Ilias1482 (-19)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
1060ILIADIS Ilias10100GERASIMENKO Dmitry1493 (+11)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1068ILIADIS Ilias11100FACENTE Walter1503 (+10)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1072CAMILO Tiago0200ILIADIS Ilias1524 (+21)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1076LIPARTELIANI Varlam21ILIADIS Ilias1505 (-19)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1077NYMAN Marcus1001000ILIADIS Ilias1525 (+20)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1696ILIADIS Ilias10000LHOMME Alexandre1535 (+10)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
1705ILIADIS Ilias110010WEGLARZ Krzysztof1545 (+10)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
1709MILOSEVIC Nikola01000ILIADIS Ilias1565 (+20)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
1713CAMILO Tiago10000ILIADIS Ilias1544 (-21)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
1714BODAVELI Mindia101000ILIADIS Ilias1562 (+18)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
2757ILIADIS Ilias11000SEMENOV Victor1571 (+9)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2765LIPARTELIANI Varlam100200ILIADIS Ilias1590 (+19)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2769CHORIEV Dilshod100010ILIADIS Ilias1566 (-24)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
3915ILIADIS Ilias10000MILOSEVIC Nikola1574 (+8)World Championships 2010
3942ILIADIS Ilias1000BODAVELI Mindia1583 (+9)World Championships 2010
3957ONO Takashi010ILIADIS Ilias1605 (+22)World Championships 2010
3965ILIADIS Ilias100010CAMILO Tiago1616 (+11)World Championships 2010
3971ILIADIS Ilias10000MAMMADOV Elkhan1626 (+10)World Championships 2010
3975ILIADIS Ilias10000NISHIYAMA Daiki1636 (+10)World Championships 2010
6884ILIADIS Ilias1000NYMAN Marcus1643 (+7)IJF World Masters 2011
6888NISHIYAMA Masashi010ILIADIS Ilias1661 (+18)IJF World Masters 2011
6890DENISOV Kirill01000ILIADIS Ilias1680 (+19)IJF World Masters 2011
6891MAMMADOV Elkhan10000ILIADIS Ilias1658 (-22)IJF World Masters 2011
8655ILIADIS Ilias111010HILDEBRAND Aaron1664 (+6)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
8667ILIADIS Ilias10000KAZUSIONAK Andrei1670 (+6)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
8673ILIADIS Ilias01000SYNYAVSKY Vadym1657 (-13)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
10638ILIADIS Ilias10000DAFREVILLE Yves Matthieu1665 (+8)European Championships Seniors 2011
10648ILIADIS Ilias101010MAGOMEDOV Kamil1675 (+10)European Championships Seniors 2011
10653ILIADIS Ilias11000MINASKIN Grigori1681 (+6)European Championships Seniors 2011
10657KRAWCZYK Robert010ILIADIS Ilias1693 (+12)European Championships Seniors 2011
10660DENISOV Kirill0110ILIADIS Ilias1712 (+19)European Championships Seniors 2011
11430ILIADIS Ilias2100YALKAPOV Nuraly1717 (+5)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11442ILIADIS Ilias10000CAMPOS Hector1723 (+6)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11448ILIADIS Ilias100OMAROV Abdul1729 (+6)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11451ILIADIS Ilias200MELONI Roberto1736 (+7)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11452NISHIYAMA Daiki01000ILIADIS Ilias1755 (+19)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
14332ILIADIS Ilias100KRAWCZYK Robert1759 (+4)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14362ILIADIS Ilias10000BOUYAKOUB Lyes1763 (+4)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14378ILIADIS Ilias10000REMARENCO Ivan1768 (+5)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14386ILIADIS Ilias11000PESSANHA Hugo1776 (+8)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14392ILIADIS Ilias10000DENISOV Kirill1784 (+8)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14396ILIADIS Ilias10000NISHIYAMA Daiki1793 (+9)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
17698ILIADIS Ilias10200LAMBERT Christophe1797 (+4)IJF Grand Slam Tokyo 2011
17713ILIADIS Ilias10000RANDL Milan1803 (+6)IJF Grand Slam Tokyo 2011
17721ILIADIS Ilias1020GONZALEZ Asley1789 (-14)IJF Grand Slam Tokyo 2011
18374ILIADIS Ilias1000LEE Kyu-Won1796 (+7)IJF Masters Almaty 2012
18382ILIADIS Ilias010NISHIYAMA Masashi1786 (-10)IJF Masters Almaty 2012
22268ILIADIS Ilias1000SCHIRNHOFER Max1790 (+4)European Championships 2012
22283ILIADIS Ilias1101000LAMBERT Christophe1775 (-15)European Championships 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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