Player Profile: BOR Barna

Category: 100

Country: Hungary

Ranking Points: 1604

Fights (Won/Lost): 44/20 (0.688) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
BOR Barna
207BOR Barna10000CERAJ Matjaz1511 (+11)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
211CHEDLY Anis101010BOR Barna1532 (+21)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
213TAKAHASHI Kazuhiko101110BOR Barna1551 (+19)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
214SUZUKI Keiji20010BOR Barna1530 (-21)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
771BOR Barna10000ROBIN Pierre1540 (+10)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
775EL SHEHABY Islam100010BOR Barna1521 (-19)IJF Grand Slam Rio 2010
1102BOR Barna10000ANDREWARTHA Jake1530 (+9)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1109BOR Barna10000PINEDA Pedro1539 (+9)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1116BOR Barna10000SANTOS Walter1548 (+9)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1121SILVA Rafael10010BOR Barna1526 (-22)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
1124BRAYSON Oscar1001110BOR Barna1545 (+19)PJC World Cup Sao Paulo 2010
2819BOR Barna10000BATAILLE Matthieu1554 (+9)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2829BOR Barna10100DZHANAEV Soslan1563 (+9)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2834BOR Barna10000SILVA Rafael1574 (+11)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2836KIM Soo-Whan01000BOR Barna1592 (+18)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2837EL SHEHABY Islam21BOR Barna1572 (-20)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
8726BOR Barna2000JABALLAH Faical1581 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
8740BOR Barna01000ZIMMERMANN Robert1570 (-11)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2011
9591BOR Barna10100SHERRINGTON Chris1578 (+8)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
9607BOR Barna01000VOLKOV Andrey1567 (-11)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
10710BOR Barna10000OSNACHS Vladimirs1576 (+9)European Championships Seniors 2011
10720BOR Barna21010ZIMMERMANN Robert1586 (+10)European Championships Seniors 2011
10725BOR Barna10000VOLKOV Andrey1596 (+10)European Championships Seniors 2011
10729KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad020BOR Barna1613 (+17)European Championships Seniors 2011
10732RINER Teddy10000BOR Barna1597 (-16)European Championships Seniors 2011
11099BOR Barna1100100BALTAEV Boltoboy1605 (+8)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11106BOR Barna10000VERBIJ Luuk1611 (+6)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11113BOR Barna0100BONDARENKO Stanislav1600 (-11)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11491BOR Barna2000MEREDOV Kakajan1607 (+7)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11504BOR Barna21VUIJSTERS Grim1614 (+7)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11510STERKHOV Dmitriy100BOR Barna1586 (-28)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11936BOR Barna10000ABEUOV Arman1594 (+8)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11943BOR Barna10000ILIEV Ivan1600 (+6)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11951BOR Barna1000JONSSON Tormodur1607 (+7)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11957BOR Barna10000SANTOS Walter1615 (+8)World Cup Bucharest 2011
11961BOR Barna100KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1623 (+8)World Cup Bucharest 2011
12670BOR Barna100BACCINO Orlando1630 (+7)Grand Slam Rio 2011
12675BOR Barna10000STERKHOV Dmitriy1637 (+7)Grand Slam Rio 2011
12677HERNANDES Daniel10010BOR Barna1609 (-28)Grand Slam Rio 2011
12962BOR Barna10000SANTOS Walter1617 (+8)World Cup Sao Paulo 2011
12970BOR Barna11100SIMIONESCU Vladut1624 (+7)World Cup Sao Paulo 2011
12976BOR Barna01000SILVA Rafael1615 (-9)World Cup Sao Paulo 2011
12979BRAYSON Oscar1000BOR Barna1592 (-23)World Cup Sao Paulo 2011
14460BOR Barna10000LIU Anthony1600 (+8)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14483BOR Barna11000BACCINO Orlando1607 (+7)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14498BOR Barna10010CERAJ Matjaz1616 (+9)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14505RINER Teddy10000BOR Barna1602 (-14)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
14509BOR Barna01000MIKHAYLIN Alexander1591 (-11)IJF World Championships Seniors 2011
16489BOR Barna10100TULENDIBAEV Adiljon1599 (+8)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
16499BOR Barna01000VERBIJ Luuk1587 (-12)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2011
17073BOR Barna10000TAHIROV Emil1593 (+6)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
17083BOR Barna100CERAJ Matjaz1602 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
17088BOR Barna10010MIKHAYLIN Alexander1613 (+11)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
17090TOELZER Andreas10000BOR Barna1598 (-15)IJF Grand Prix Amsterdam 2011
18132BOR Barna1100MOTIE Mohamed1604 (+6)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18141BOR Barna010CHO Guham1593 (-11)IJF Grand Prix Qingdao 2011
18408BOR Barna1000CERAJ Matjaz1601 (+8)IJF Masters Almaty 2012
18413BOR Barna01000KAMIKAWA Daiki1590 (-11)IJF Masters Almaty 2012
19284BOR Barna0100BONVOISIN Jean-Sebastien1579 (-11)IJF Grand Slam Paris 2012
22334BOR Barna100VOLKOV Andrey1589 (+10)European Championships 2012
22340BOR Barna10000RISCO DE LA TORRE Eric1594 (+5)European Championships 2012
22348BOR Barna10000VERBIJ Luuk1603 (+9)European Championships 2012
22354BOR Barna10000PASKEVICIUS Marius1612 (+9)European Championships 2012
22358BOR Barna01000MIKHAYLIN Alexander1604 (-8)European Championships 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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