Player Profile: BONDARENKO Stanislav

Category: 100

Country: Ukraine

Ranking Points: 1563

Fights (Won/Lost): 23/16 (0.590) profile

Fight IDBlueBlue ScoreWhite ScoreWhiteRanking points for
203BONDARENKO Stanislav101010JABALLAH Faical1490 (-10)IJF Grand Prix Tunis 2010
1753BONDARENKO Stanislav101010EITEL Grzegorz1481 (-9)EJU World Cup Madrid 2010
2813BONDARENKO Stanislav12010SHERRINGTON Chris1492 (+11)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2825BONDARENKO Stanislav10100STERKHOV Dmitriy1502 (+10)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2832BONDARENKO Stanislav10000TACHIYAMA Hiroki1513 (+11)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
2835EL SHEHABY Islam11100BONDARENKO Stanislav1497 (-16)IJF Grand Slam Moscow 2010
4046SANTOS Walter01000BONDARENKO Stanislav1516 (+19)World Championships 2010
4063BONDARENKO Stanislav10100MCCORMICK Daniel1525 (+9)World Championships 2010
4074EL SHEHABY Islam2200BONDARENKO Stanislav1510 (-15)World Championships 2010
5421BONDARENKO Stanislav21MOMOSE Masaru1521 (+11)IJF Grandprix Rotterdam 2010
5425BONDARENKO Stanislav01100OSNACHS Vladimirs1512 (-9)IJF Grandprix Rotterdam 2010
5862BONDARENKO Stanislav10000SIMIONESCU Vladut1522 (+10)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2010
5865EL SHEHABY Islam10000BONDARENKO Stanislav1509 (-13)IJF Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2010
6912TOELZER Andreas10000BONDARENKO Stanislav1496 (-13)IJF World Masters 2011
7376BONDARENKO Stanislav100010METREVELI Nodar1506 (+10)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
7382BONDARENKO Stanislav01010VOLKOV Andrey1496 (-10)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
7385BONDARENKO Stanislav0200KAMBIEV Aslan1485 (-11)EJU World Cup Tblisi 2011
9599BONDARENKO Stanislav10000MCCORMICK Daniel1494 (+9)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
9611BONDARENKO Stanislav1000VAKHAVIAK Aliaksandr1505 (+11)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
9617BONDARENKO Stanislav10000ROBIN Pierre1516 (+11)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
9622BONDARENKO Stanislav10000ZIMMERMANN Robert1529 (+13)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
9625PIN Adrien01000BONDARENKO Stanislav1550 (+21)EJU World Cup Men Warsaw 2011
10706BONDARENKO Stanislav100KOCATURK Remzi1557 (+7)European Championships Seniors 2011
10718BONDARENKO Stanislav10100CERAJ Matjaz1567 (+10)European Championships Seniors 2011
10724BONDARENKO Stanislav0200KHANJALIASHVILI Zviad1556 (-11)European Championships Seniors 2011
10727BONDARENKO Stanislav2100VOLKOV Andrey1567 (+11)European Championships Seniors 2011
10731BONDARENKO Stanislav01000PADAR Martin1556 (-11)European Championships Seniors 2011
11100BONDARENKO Stanislav10000SCHLITTLER Joao Gabriel1564 (+8)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11107BONDARENKO Stanislav100JABALLAH Faical1572 (+8)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11113BOR Barna0100BONDARENKO Stanislav1594 (+22)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11116EL SHEHABY Islam10000BONDARENKO Stanislav1579 (-15)Grand Prix Baku 2011
11489BONDARENKO Stanislav10000ZEGARRA PRESSER Carlos1587 (+8)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
11503BONDARENKO Stanislav010STERKHOV Dmitriy1573 (-14)Grand Slam Moscow 2011
20521BONDARENKO Stanislav100010KRAKOVETSKII Iurii1579 (+6)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20535BONDARENKO Stanislav10010CERAJ Matjaz1588 (+9)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
20542TOELZER Andreas11000BONDARENKO Stanislav1576 (-12)IJF Grand Prix Duesseldorf 2012
21142BONDARENKO Stanislav10000BLAS Ricardo Dunn1584 (+8)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
21158BONDARENKO Stanislav01010BRAYSON Oscar1574 (-10)EJU World Cup Men Prague 2012
22339BONDARENKO Stanislav030THOREL Matthieu1563 (-11)European Championships 2012


* Please note that 2-1 or 1-2 describe fights where the score was drawn in stats and winner was discovered by the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol on the TTA system.
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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