Total Athletes: 12

Total Ranking points: 17614

Average Ranking points: 1467

Average win rate: 0.131

PositionNameRankCategoryCountryWinsLossesTotal FightsWin rate
1NGUYEN Thi Nhu Y1489-78Vietnam1230.333
2NGUYEN Loc1489-66Vietnam0110.000
3DUONG THI Thanh Minh1482-52Vietnam0110.000
4TRAN THI Phuong Trang1480-70Vietnam1340.250
5TRAN Thuong1479-73Vietnam0110.000
6NGUYEN Thuy1478-52Vietnam0110.000
7HO THI Nhu Van1466-57Vietnam0330.000
8BUI Thi Hoa1464-63Vietnam0330.000
9HUYNH Nhat Thong1459-60Vietnam1340.250
10HO Ngan Giang1448-60Vietnam1450.200
11NGUYEN Thi Lan1448-57Vietnam1560.167
12VAN Ngoc Tu1432-48Vietnam915240.375
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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