United States of America

Total Athletes: 83

Total Ranking points: 121368

Average Ranking points: 1462

Average win rate: 0.213

PositionNameRankCategoryCountryWinsLossesTotal FightsWin rate
1HARRISON Kayla1826-78United States of America7613890.854
2STEVENS Travis1681-81United States of America4622680.676
3MALLOY Marti1625-57United States of America4623690.667
4DELPOPOLO Nicholas1572-73United States of America4932810.605
5ELDRED Michael1530-73United States of America3628640.563
6ST LEGER Harry1509-81United States of America56110.455
7ROUSEY Ronda1499-70United States of America1120.500
8PRADO Joshua1499-60United States of America1230.333
9TURNER Anthony1496100United States of America66120.500
10VANYAN Vitaly1495-60United States of America1230.333
11RODRIGUEZ Jeanette1493-52United States of America66120.500
12FLETCHER Mark1491100United States of America0110.000
13FONG Jeff1490-66United States of America0110.000
14TAKETA Kyle1490-66United States of America0110.000
15BOSTIC Kelsi1490-70United States of America0110.000
16STROMECKI Jake1490-100United States of America0110.000
17BOUYSSOU Katelyn1489-48United States of America3360.500
18SPANO Phillip1489-81United States of America0110.000
19DAKE Kyle1487-90United States of America0110.000
20MURTHA Connor1486-60United States of America0110.000
21SALMOND Christina148678United States of America0110.000
22CREUTZBERGER Angela1485-48United States of America0110.000
23TURNQUEST Robert1485-90United States of America0110.000
24PORRAS Andrew1484-73United States of America1340.250
25LEE Robert1484-81United States of America66120.500
26TORRES David1484-73United States of America1230.333
27VICTORIA Leonardo1482-66United States of America0110.000
28BLACK Sarah1482-63United States of America0110.000
29HOWARD Deshawn1482100United States of America0110.000
30CHAPPELL Kayla1480-63United States of America0110.000
31PORTER Myles1480-100United States of America0110.000
32GENAO-BUTLER Paola1480-63United States of America0110.000
33KAICHI Cammi1480-52United States of America0110.000
34FULGENTES Amelia1479-52United States of America0220.000
35LEE Bobby1479-90United States of America1230.333
36TUTASS Jennifer1479-63United States of America0110.000
37COOK Austin1478-66United States of America0110.000
38LIDDIE Alexa1477-48United States of America0110.000
39MACBAISEY Ross1474-81United States of America0110.000
40COHEN Aaron1472-90United States of America810180.444
41RODRIGUEZ Katinna1471-78United States of America0220.000
42SANGIMINO Anthony1471-81United States of America1230.333
43DRISCOLL Conor1470100United States of America0220.000
44LOCK Jane1470-78United States of America0220.000
45KING Wendie146878United States of America0220.000
46VASHKULAT Kyle1467-100United States of America2727540.500
47TADEHARA Ajax1465-100United States of America0220.000
48LARSEN Jacob1464-90United States of America1113240.458
49ENCARNACION Nadine1461-48United States of America0220.000
50TAYLOR Andre1461-60United States of America1340.250
51RIZEK Suzanne1460-78United States of America0220.000
52MACIAS Pauline1458-57United States of America0220.000
53DELGADO Angelica1456-52United States of America2530550.455
54HASHIMOTO Kenneth1452-66United States of America58130.385
55ALLEN Laquinta1449-70United States of America1450.200
56BROWN Colton1449-90United States of America0330.000
57BOLEN Bradford1440-66United States of America1827450.400
58HANDY Aaron1435-90United States of America0440.000
59WOOSLEY Angela1433-48United States of America1450.200
60ST LEGER Garry1430-90United States of America57120.417
61FERNANDEZ Jonathan1428-81United States of America0550.000
62RANSOM Christal1427-63United States of America1731480.354
63WORTHINGTON William1425-100United States of America0440.000
64NAKAO Janine1423-63United States of America920290.310
65CLIFFORD Allison1423-78United States of America0440.000
66BENCOSME Jose1422-81United States of America2680.250
67AKIYAMA Leilani1410-63United States of America510150.333
68HIGASHI Shintaro1407-100United States of America918270.333
69FUJIMOTO Jeffrey1403-60United States of America1890.111
70PRIEDITIS Michael1402100United States of America610160.375
71CARMICHAEL Hana1401-57United States of America716230.304
72MCCORMICK Daniel1395100United States of America310130.231
73CUTRO-KELLY Nina139578United States of America817250.320
74BLEIER Samantha1394-70United States of America514190.263
75KOSSOR Nicholas1385-60United States of America1723400.425
76LAFON Natalie1378-52United States of America512170.294
77KUNIHIRO Aaron1375-60United States of America1532470.319
78NISHIMURA Toshiya1368-66United States of America211130.154
79MARTIN Hannah1367-63United States of America818260.308
80SELL Kathleen1362-70United States of America1727440.386
81PALMER Anna1356-57United States of America922310.290
82SHIRAISHI Ann1342-48United States of America1333460.283
83GEIGER Toni131178United States of America114150.067
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