North Korea

Total Athletes: 20

Total Ranking points: 30139

Average Ranking points: 1506

Average win rate: 0.396

PositionNameRankCategoryCountryWinsLossesTotal FightsWin rate
1AN Kum Ae1674-52North Korea194230.826
2SOI Kyong1588-70North Korea5051.000
3KIM Su Gyong1564-63North Korea127190.632
4HWANG Ryu Ok1551-48North Korea6280.750
5SOL Kyong1529-70North Korea55100.500
6HONG Kuk Hyon1515-66North Korea109190.526
7CHA Ok Song1510-48North Korea1120.500
8PAK Ok Song1502-48North Korea3250.600
9PAK Choi Min1500-73North Korea1120.500
10RIM Yun Hui1491-57North Korea65110.545
11PAK Song Il1490-90North Korea0110.000
12JO Song Hui1483-52North Korea57120.417
13HYON Song Chol1483-66North Korea0110.000
14PAK Hong Wi1480-73North Korea0110.000
15PAK Su Min1479-63North Korea0110.000
16KIM Sol Mi1475-48North Korea2460.333
17KIM Kyong Jin1462-60North Korea67130.462
18KIM Chol Su1462-73North Korea3690.333
19KIM Sugyong1453-63North Korea0330.000
20SONG Kang Ho1448-60North Korea0440.000
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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