Total Athletes: 16

Total Ranking points: 23515

Average Ranking points: 1469

Average win rate: 0.031

PositionNameRankCategoryCountryWinsLossesTotal FightsWin rate
1ANTAR Abboudi1496-60Lebanon1120.500
2EL HOYEK Elie1492-73Lebanon0110.000
3SAAB Elie1488-73Lebanon0110.000
4MATAR Doumit1487-100Lebanon0110.000
5CHAMMAS Karen1484-63Lebanon0110.000
6MALKOUN Odette1483-78Lebanon0110.000
7AAD Marie Yvonne148378Lebanon0110.000
8MERHEB Mikeal1482-66Lebanon0110.000
9SAADE Francois S1480-81Lebanon0110.000
10NASR Joe1479-81Lebanon0110.000
11MERHEB George1468-81Lebanon0220.000
12FARHAT Lea1466-57Lebanon0330.000
13SHAMMAS Karen1466-63Lebanon0220.000
14FADEL Jad1465-100Lebanon0220.000
15SAADE Francois1461-81Lebanon0220.000
16ANTAKI Patrick1335100Lebanon013130.000
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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