Hong Kong China

Total Athletes: 29

Total Ranking points: 42471

Average Ranking points: 1464

Average win rate: 0.011

PositionNameRankCategoryCountryWinsLossesTotal FightsWin rate
1LI Wan Hei1491-66Hong Kong China0110.000
2CHUI Siu Han1490-57Hong Kong China0110.000
3CHAN Sin Yam1490-63Hong Kong China0110.000
4FONG Ting Wai1486-100Hong Kong China0110.000
5LEE Shing Him1485-73Hong Kong China0110.000
6CHEUNG Yik Shing1484-66Hong Kong China0110.000
7CHAN Yat Hei1482-60Hong Kong China0110.000
8CHUNG Wing Yan1481-52Hong Kong China0110.000
9KWAK Kit Fong1481-57Hong Kong China0110.000
10CHAN Yuk Ping1481-48Hong Kong China0110.000
11WONG Chun Lam1481-66Hong Kong China0110.000
12LEUNG Chun Lok1480-73Hong Kong China0110.000
13KWOK Kit Fong1480-57Hong Kong China0110.000
14LEE Yuk Ting1473-60Hong Kong China0220.000
15WONG Nga Wun1472-52Hong Kong China0220.000
16CHUI Chun Sing1470-66Hong Kong China0220.000
17TSANG Tin Lun1467-90Hong Kong China0220.000
18CHIU Siu Han1465-57Hong Kong China0220.000
19LAM Lap Fung1464-60Hong Kong China0220.000
20WU Chi Hang1464-73Hong Kong China0220.000
21LI Nim Cho Joe1464-81Hong Kong China0220.000
22LEUNG Mei Han1445-57Hong Kong China0440.000
23CHAN Yiu Ki1443-73Hong Kong China0440.000
24YEUNG Kai Chun1442-66Hong Kong China0330.000
25WONG Nga Sze1441-48Hong Kong China0330.000
26CHEUNG Chi Yip1435-73Hong Kong China1670.143
27LAU Ka Chun1419-60Hong Kong China0550.000
28YU Kin Ting1412-60Hong Kong China29110.182
29LEUNG Po Sum1403-63Hong Kong China0660.000
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

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