Total Athletes: 15

Total Ranking points: 22155

Average Ranking points: 1477

Average win rate: 0.182

PositionNameRankCategoryCountryWinsLossesTotal FightsWin rate
1HAROUN Sani1499-60Chad1120.500
2KAHADIDJA Darry1498-52Chad1230.333
3DIEUDONNE Basile1496-90Chad1230.333
4MAZOU Abakar Mbairo1495-73Chad2240.500
5HASSANE TAHIR Adam1490-73Chad0110.000
6HAROUN Sani Ibrahim1489-66Chad0110.000
7MAZOU Abakar1481-66Chad0110.000
8KABO BICHARA Brahim1479-60Chad0110.000
9KOUMANI ACHE Haroun1479-52Chad0220.000
10LASSENWA Taossala1478-57Chad1230.333
11DIEUDONNE Basil1477-90Chad1230.333
12DJIMRABAYE Kisito1475-81Chad0110.000
13NINGATOLOUM Remadji Gloria1457-63Chad0220.000
14MEMNELOUM Demos1451-78Chad2570.286
15NGARLEMDANA Carine1411-70Chad1890.111
Events included, all 2012 Qualification events:

All data on this site is based on data collected from from Matthias Fischer's TTA software. Many Thanks to Hans van Essen for his assistance linking to his JudoInside player profiles.